Friday, 2 November 2012

Thursday Class

Hi Everybody,

Hope you are all safe and tucked up warm this evening. The rain is pouring but at least the flowers are being watered! I'm sat trying to catch up all the little bits and pieces that end up like mountains when they are not finished but I keep getting distracted with the TV as I am addicted to the TV series Lost!!! I have rewound it so I just have some background noise. Sorry is this is a long post but I have some great photos to share from yesterday.

An update on the house....well I can't really update on much apart from last weekend I went over to finish some painting in the kitchen and managed to accidentally break a few drawers..oopps. I think we will soon be in once the kitchen is finished as we can work on the upstairs once we are in.

This is a photo of the shower with a random hole in it, blocked vent and the bottom right shows some mould which was all over the tiles in the shower. Toms step-mum is a professional cleaner so she came prepared with lots of cleaning goodies and now it looks brand new!

Yesterday was the Suzicraft Thursday class, it ended up so busy Tom had to make a DIY table to fit everbody in. As its the run up to Christmas we are concentrating on Christmas projects and this week was a Christmas Wall Hanging. I really enjoyed teaching this class and as you can tell by the photos everybody enjoyed participating....

This is just half the class!
The lovely Bridie

Peter Pirate

Lovely Lynne glittering her card pieces.
Here at Suzicraft we are addicted to gesso at the moment so we used some gesso over a patterned piece of card and then gessoed over it to tone the card down, sprinkled some glitter over and voila..a really simple yet effective technique.

Nana Carol addicted to Nellie Snellen punch and emboss poinsetta flowers x

Nilam choosing her papers x

Chris is a total inspiration to Suzicraft. She is completely blind but why let that get in your way of crafting. Chris can be handed a piece of card and she can feel and tell you exactly what the pattern is. She is always found cheering and wants to be part of Toms Nerf video (thats another story!)

Lovely Lynne brought in some delicious Marks and Spencers sponge rolls, mmm, and we caught Chris eating it...

and Bridie!! x

Cake Boss Joyce and her hanging x

Mo was so quiet making his hanging...I will have to get him to make some more x

When we run classes we always start off with a project but everybody puts their own 'spin' on it...I loved Lynnes wreath x

Nana Carol was smiling really, it just took so many attempts to get the hanging still x


Well I don't exactly know how but just after closing team Suzicraft turns into a Nerf warground. Tom and his friend suddenly developed a fetish for Nerf guns and all of a sudden everybody is bringing them in. I must admit it is very funny watching everybody running around. Poor Sam was just sat crafting and was hit, lol!! Tom is even trying to organise a Nerf wars mini film...the mind boggles...

A few shop announcements:

Tom is back on Create and Craft on Sunday 11th November at 3pm.

Kay Rutter is running a workshop in Suzicraft on Thursday 15th November. Please contact me for more information.

Lots of new stock but lots still to arrive: we have loads of new dies - Marianne, Nellie Snellen, Cheery Lyyn, washi tape, gems and so much more..

Due in on Tueday Spellbinders D-Lites.

Also, I am really excited to announce that we have taken on a member of staff on to help in the shop. Lynsey will be found in the shop a couple of days a week. Lynsey is new to papercrafts but is a fab jewerelly maker and she can knit a scarf!! I am determined to convert her though.  Some of you who know Rick, may also know that Lynsey is his partner. In 12 weeks 6 days when Baby Johnson is due Lynsey will cover me on maternity leave so be sure to pop in and say hello :-) It couldn't come fast enough, I am soooo excited x

I will leave you with a photo of my other of Pepsi, she must know Tom is away tonight because she won't leave my side.

Pepsi and I are signing off,
Night Night All and hope to see you all soon,
Susan  xx


  1. Seen a few scary doggy eyes like that lately, I'll show you one of my Max on Halloween. I have a few of Matthew's Nerf guns lined up for next week, the battle is on!!

  2. Looks like a great time had by all and lots of lovely projects made. So good to see Chris working away there again. what an inspiration.x

  3. Really enjoyed reading this post... happy people having a good time and producing super duper work! Thanks for all the great pictures x
    Eileen xx