Monday, 17 September 2012

Suzicraft has officially been open a YEAR!

Good Evening Everybody,
I hope you are all well. Tom and I would like to say THANK YOU to everybody who called into the shop on Saturday and joined us to celebrate a year of the Suzicraft Shop alongside Maria Simms and Annette Lee!! It has been a very busy year but this time last year we would of never even imagined that we would have an amazing shop, amazing customers, a new baby on the way, a new craft product that is taking the craft world by storm and so many new products on our shop shelves! We would not of been able to do any of this without you (apart from the baby part) so THANK YOU for your support in the first year and heres to many more ahead.....

Thank you to Joyce for making us a cake, I really didn't think we would have had one and I was over the moon. THANK YOU Joyce, and also for bringing in the pie and quiche which soon disappeared!
As we are a shop we no food prep area we are unable to prepare food so bought pre-packed food but I was very impressed with the buffet.
So many customers arrived on Saturday that at one point I could not get in the shop, we even had customers travelled from South Shields, Durham, Manchester and Hull!!! Wow....

This is how i felt by the end of the day but Joan and Karen obviously had a tiring day with all that shopping, lol.

New stock we got in was Nestabilities, IndigoBlu stamps, flakes and glue, Croco, Inka Gold, Embossing Paste, Glitter Paste, Alterable wood and sooooo much more, we sold so many different things but we have some stock left so get yourselves down......

After the party, our close friends Sarah and Ian who could not be there during the day invited us out for a meal.
 We decided to try out Akbars Indian in Middlesbrough.....oh my goodness..i was AMAZING!

 When Ian and Tom get together they have me and Sarah in stitches, they are worse than a married couple.

I would recommend anybody to visit Akbars if only to try the Naan bread, lol.

THANK YOU EVERYONE and I shall be back tomorrow with class and demo days,

Night All
Susan x


  1. It was a lovely day with lovely people! It is nice to see your hard work pay off, I wish you many more years of success at my absolute fave northern craft shop. xxx

  2. I hope you saved me a little corner of that Naan. It was a great day on Saturday, I feel so proud of and for you two that I could cry. I am glad you didn't need our help with the Baby though!!xxx

  3. brilliant post and lovely pictures!!my god that breads huge!!!!!x

  4. Fab pics and a fab day you both deserve it ...huggles xxxxxxxxx

  5. Great day. Good time had by all. You have done so well and deserve the success for all the hard work you put in. Congratulations and good luck for many many more successfull years to come.xxxx