Thursday, 30 August 2012

Today was class day at Suzicraft

Hi Everybody,

Here at Suzicraft we have a class or coffee morning every Thursday. Today was class day and I decided we would use a SplodgeAway Layout Mask to create a stunning card. I always set my ladies and gentleman off with an idea but I like them to make the card their own...this definately happened today so I will leave you with some fab cards made by everyone....big WELL DONE!

We started by running our SplodgeAway Layout mask through the grand calibur on SplodgeAway Easy Ink.

We then inked an A5 sheet of Easy Ink.

These flowers were made using the spellbinders floral die on the inked sheet of A5 card. I loved Dimply and Karens flowers, they used mixed inks on the SplodgeAway Mat to create a multi-coloured flower.

Going back to the embossed sheet of Easy Ink, we took our layout mask and placed it over the card, the layout masks are similar to the SplodgeAway mat so the ink glides over them. It was then up to each person how they wanted to design the take a look at the pictures below....


mmmmm...of course lets not forget cakes :-)

Thank you to everybody who attended and see you all next week. Next week is coffee morning, anybody is welcome, it costs £5 and includes all your crafting goodies, tea, coffee and biscuits x

Good Night All x x


  1. Looks like it was a great class. Every simgle card looks lovely. you just cant go wrong with these masks can you.

  2. what amazing cards! going to have toget along to the next one!!x

  3. Looks like everyone had fun beautiful cards well done everyone xxx

  4. What super work... each card is very, very pretty. I am a sucker for flowers and these are stunner's. Wish I lived nearer!
    Eileen xx

  5. All the cards are gorgeous. Hope u all had fun. Love using these masks. . . . . You can get so many different looks with each 1. Well done every1 x x

  6. Well at very rewarding day all the ladies and gents must have had after producing such wonderful cards.x