Monday, 11 June 2012

Birthday Girl - 21 again!

Yesterday I turned 21 again! I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everybody for all my lovely cards, presents and birthday wishes. I had a fab day, both Phil and I woke up to the front room decorated in banners and balloons. Phil is 11 years older than me but we share the same birthday. I woke up to a tonne of chocolate, money and 2 cakes.

Tom took me to Middlesbrough with my brother and niece, we had breakfast in the new 'Greggs Moments', basically a Greggs but a bit more upmarket. Although my niece asked for cheese and ham toastie and they wouldn't add any onion because it would mess up the stock levels! So Tom asked them to take the onion out of his cheese and onion toastie but they refused. Then 20 minutes later they had forgotten to bring the coffee over. However, they refunded the money and the food was AMAZING so we will return.

In Middlesbrough I bought a lush box, lush coconut shampoo, a Nikon D70 body camera(VERY EXCITED) and some DVDs so I am very pleased with my bargains. Sunday evening Tom and I called over to our amazing friends, Sarah and Ian, Sarah and Thomas had made me a lovely cake and I also got a lovely gift...I am going for afternoon tea with Sarah at Wynyard Hall. Whether they let us in is another story! Sarahs little ones went to Grans and we went to the Indian Buffet in South Shields, it was delicious!

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