Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday's Class and Hardwick Park

Good Evening Everybody, I hope you have all been enjoying the sun today.
Today was the Suzicraft class, held every fortnight and cost £5. Today we made the card from the post yesterday. I love how we all start with the same goodies and end up with totally different cards.

Here are some of the cards that were made.


After the class Tom and I decided to take the dogs to Hardwick Park. I am in love with the park, we spent 2 hours taking photos, walking, playing with the dogs and relaxing. It was wonderful, the dogs loved it especially Pepsi who cannot walk past water without diving in! Then Smudge and Pepsi thought it would be a good idea to roll in the grass on a bank and ended up rolling down, I am so happy Tom caught it on camera.
Here are a few photos:

I wish I could take credit for these photographs but Tom is the amazing photographer, I have told him I am much better but don't want to show him as this will knock his confidence, lol.

Due in tomorrow: More Hougie Boards, Book 1 and 2 and the new Wedding and Party Book.

Good Night 
Susan x


  1. the photos look great especially the one of the dogs yorkies they are lovely xx

  2. I love hardwick park too Susan Ollie loves the big lake lol

  3. Fab photos of Hardwick - I'm ashamed to say we've never been, really must get there while the weather is good.

    Hugs, Nicki, xx

  4. It looks really nice, I think I'll be going this weekend. Hope you had time to check out my blog. Michelle x